Twenties Espresso

Twenties Espresso


Producer: Multiple Small Producers

Region: Latin America, East Africa

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai, Heirloom

Process: Washed, sundried + natural

Elevation: 1100-1550 meters

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After creating over twenty recipes before we settled on our favorite one, we decided to name it for the most popular rendition. This blend consists of several coffees from Central, South America and Africa. ‘Tuanis’ is a slang word often heard in Costa Rica when the surfers are talking about the waves being ‘just too good.’ When said quickly, it sounds like ‘Twenties.’  Since this is by far our most popular blend, we think you’ll agree that its ‘Tuanis.’

Tasting Notes: A berry fruit bon-bon wrapped in chocolate.  Finishes with caramel. Blended specifically for espresso, but can be used in other brewing methods as well.

Orders received before 12a Thursday will be roasted and fulfilled that day. All orders received after Thursday will be fulfilled the following week. Each bag is 12 ounces.