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Coffee Classes

We host several classes to teach you even more about coffee. Want to learn more about different methods? Check out our Brewing Methods class. Interested in how terrior, process, and growing practices affect what you're tasting? Join us for one of our Cupping Classes. Scroll down for the current schedule.

Brew Better Coffee at Home

It's important to us that you get the most out of our coffee. With a few tips and tricks, we think you can make a great cup at home!

Always start with fresh roasted coffee (within two weeks out of the roaster) wait to grind coffee until just before using, and start with cold filtered spring water.

Pour Over


As it sounds, the pour over method involves the pouring of water through a bed of grinds that is being filtered through a filter medium.

Paper Filter:
Note - If utilizing a paper filter it is necessary to rinse the filter to ensure that the entire flavor profile makes it to your cup. 


Rinse your paper filter by placing it into the brew cone and pouring hot water through the filter – make sure that the entire filter is thoroughly saturated
Grind 30g of Beacon’s finest coffee to a medium fine grind and place into rinsed filter – adjust grind bed so that it is perfectly flat
Bring 500g of cold, fresh spring water to a rolling boil
Allow boil to settle completely (199°)
Pour 50g of settled water carefully onto the bed of grinds saturating the bed but just enough to wet the entirety of the grinds
Allow coffee to bloom for 30-45 seconds
Starting in the middle of the blooming coffee - pouring slowly in concentric circles.
Repeat this step three times, each time adding 150g of water. 
The final bed of grinds should be flat with very little grinds being left “high and dry” on the brew cone


Rinsing your paper filter is a great idea if you are utilizing an automatic coffee brewer.
No rinse is necessary if utilizing a metal filter.



Making a good espresso at home can be challenging. But using the proper ratios, and equipment can ensure a good result. 

We think that having the proper grinder is more important than your brewing device. So be sure to invest in a good (and espresso appropriate) grinder before you jump into making espresso at home. 



First, we recommend 'aging' your espresso for a minimum of 5 days out of the roaster. We find that the espresso mellows with an extra few days allowing all of the nuance and layers of the coffee to come through. 

Always grind right before using, so that you may make adjustments as needed. We suggest that the final weight of your extracted espresso be 1.5-1.8 times the dry grinds used. (i.e. 18 grams of dry grounds should yield a shot weighing 27-33 grams.)

Fine up the grind enough that your 'first drop' begins at 7-9 seconds after the shot begins. Experiment with total extraction time, we have been pulling our house Twenties Espreso between 27-30 seconds in length.


Cold Brew

Cold brew has quickly become everyones favorite go-to when looking for an extra boost of caffeine. Not to be confused with Iced Coffee, this method utilizes cold filtered water in full contact with the coffee for a longer brewing process. This method is very easy to replicate at home, with great results.



Grind 90g of your favorite Beacon Coffee to a coarse particulate. Introduce 1 liter of cold filtered (preferably spring water with a TDS of 150.) You can utilize almost any container such as french press, pitcher or mason jar. Once you have introduced the cold water, give it a good stir. Place in refrigerator for a minimum of 16 hours, and no more than 24. Using the plunger from the french press or a mesh strainer, strain the grinds from the concentrate. 

We recommend enjoying your coldbrew within 3 days, and always keep it refrigerated for best results.

Because of the larger amount of coffee to water ratio, it has more caffeine and a stronger taste. Serve over ice, add water if too strong, or make an iced latte at home with your favorite milk. 

French Press

french press brewing instructions.jpg

The French Press is a full immersion brewing method with a resulting cup that has full body, and little sediment. Because of the utilization of the metal filter, it allows more of the flavors, oils and body into your cup. 



Grind 60g of Beacon’s finest coffee to a medium coarse consistency
Bring 1000g of cold, fresh spring water to a rolling boil
Allow boil to settle completely (199°)
Add half of your water to the fresh grinds and stir, then add remaining water
Carefully depress the filter screen 1/4" – pushing the bed of grinds just below the water level ensuring that your coffee is fully immersed for proper extraction. Note: (see picture above)
Steep for 3 minutes and 30 seconds
Carefully depress plunger. Be sure to push slowly and adjust grind to a coarser setting if the plunger requires excess force. It should push down easily, adjust your grind if necessary. 

Utilizing a burr grinder is your best bet for getting a consistent grind.