Farm name/Co-op: Iyego Coffee Growers Co-op

Region: Muranga County, Kenya

Varietal: SL28, SL34

Process: Washed, sun-dried

Elevation: 1300-1800 meters

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The Iyego Cooperative is made up of over 8,000 members (or growers) who produce coffee to contribute to the Gitura every year. As a coop, they grow the coffee independently, but finish it together at the mill. Cooperatives create power in their member numbers often yielding a much higher quality of coffee and therefore a higher price. 

The coffee cherry is delivered to the wet mill on the same day that it is picked. Cherry sorting is carried out prior to pulping to ensure only the highest qualities make it to the next step. They utilize the local river water to use for the pulping and wet milling. The coffee is then finished on raised drying tables in the sun, adding the dark cherry sweetness to the final cup.

Tasting Notes: sweet and round with notes of dark cherry + kefir lime.

Orders received before 12a Thursday will be roasted and fulfilled that day. All orders received after Thursday will be fulfilled the following week. All bags are 12 ounces.