Worka Sakaro

Worka Sakaro


Farm name/Co-op: Ato. Mijane Washing Station

Region: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Varietal: Heirloom

Process: Dry Fermentation, Washed

Elevation: 1,900-2000 meters

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The area is rich in history - and rich in coffee. Producers bring their ripe harvests to central washing stations, where the cherries are pulped and washed with mountain spring water the same day. The pulped coffee goes into a fermentation tank for 72 hours, then is washed, spread, and sun-dried for up to 2 weeks on raised beds. The people of the Sakaro region in the Yirgacheffe region take pride in the high quality of this sweet, clean coffee.

Thousands of small farmers live in this area, growing coffee at high altitudes where the Rift Valley meets the Bale Mountains. Farms range in size from 1 to 20 hectares, and banana and mango trees grow alongside coffee trees, imparting their fruity flavors into the soil.

Tasting Notes: bright, floral, medium-full bodied with notes of dried mango.

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