Decaf Alma del Cafe

Decaf Alma del Cafe


Beneficio: Enantioquia Beneficio

Region: Jardin, Colombia

Varietal: Typica, Caturra, Castillo

Process: Washed, mechanically dried

Elevation: 1600-1900 meters

Marks: Swiss Water Decaffeination

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Decaf is definitely NOT an afterthought for us. We take as much care in sourcing our decaf coffee as we do everything else. We start with a high grown, high quality coffee from several growers in the Antioquia region of Colombia. It is then sent up to Canada for Swiss Water Decaffeination. This coffee is great in everything from a drip (pour over) to French press, and can certainly stand up in the espresso machine, as this is our house decaf espresso.

Tasting Notes: Medium to heavy bodied. Notes of chocolate and caramel. 

Orders received before 12a Thursday will be roasted and fulfilled that day. All orders received after Thursday will be fulfilled the following week. Each bag is 12 ounces.