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  nick barainca

of   g a r g a n t u a

is now in residence at our Ojai cafe

Serving Lunch



no reservations needed

g a r g a n t u a Ÿ

Mother's Day

Brunch Menu

Served May 13th




rye-banana bread

crème fraiche and cocoa nibs


milk bread w/cajeta

cinnamon.cane sugar.goat butter


charcoal sourdough toast

preserves. sea salt. kefir butter


black kale salad

avocado. bread spice.cured egg yolk


salt baked potoatoes w/aged cheese

cone cabbage. tomatillo. pumpkin seed


buckwheat waffles

mascarpone. maple. grilled cherries


meat & eggs

linguica and fried eggs



pixie shaved ice

ivory cremux. sweet rice. pea blossoms